Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inti Djamant (You are a diamond)

Last week our beloved Gozitan diva Morena tried her best to impress. She didn’t get past the semi-finals, but I have no thought that she did her best and utmost to get there. She was a valid representative for this year’s Eurovision song contest. She stole the hearts of the nation. And certainly she served as a perfect ambassador for Gozo.

Then again there seems to be a sense of bitterness. Should Malta continue participating in the Eurovision Song Contest? Was Morena the right candidate to go? Are we doing something wrong? Maybe there is some conspiracy for Malta not to win the Eurovision!

For God’s sake let us all grow up. Let us get a grip of ourselves. Lets stop being emotional and start being a little bit rational. Let us put our thinking caps on and start being objective.

Morena had a good song. She had the flair and charisma to get anybody’s attention. True that her performance on the night was not one of her best. But still she made us proud. Then why did she not get past the semi-finals? Why? Why? Why?

Well why not ask the same question for artist and song representing Switzerland. True that the lyrics were in Italian, but is there anything more lovable and moving than an expressive Italian ballad? That is your answer. If Switzerland didn’t get through, then how good the song was does not count. It doesn’t count how beautiful the singer was. Neither the dancers. Neither the choreography. And let we not forget the wardrobe! Yes. Neither the wardrobe. Why? Because it is which country you are representing that counts.

I also have another observation though. Considering we get so many low marks, I sometimes doubt if anybody knows where Malta is. Are we part of Africa? Maybe an independent state near Spain like Andorra? Or maybe we are considered as being part of Italy? Or better Sicily? You know... maybe Lampedusa is one of the Maltese islands!

The thing is that the Eurovision should be an annual opportunity to promote Malta. Our location. Our heritage. And ofcourse our arts! How many countries did Morena visit before the final? 2? 3? Is that enough? Certainly not!

And putting Morena aside, what has been done in the past? Because I am of the impression that other finalists have been treated with sterling promotion before the final. So why not treat our Gozitan babe with the same yardstick?

One other thing that ticked me off is her lousy overhyped video. She is from Gozo afterall. So why not use Gozo as the back drop? Why not take the opportunity and use Morena to promote our sister island? What for? Why consider? Forget about it!

Anyway. Best wishes to Morena. May she find all the happiness in her musical endeavours. And may she continue providing us with that adoring smile that gives us hope to us hard working Gozitans.

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